Business Point

A platform that allows you to takeover your e-shop on Through Business Point, you can list and update your products, control your prices, stock and view your financial statements.

Click here to visit Business Point.

You need to Sign Up for Business Point Seller account followed by few terms & conditions and payment policies, upon agreement, you will be given your Business Point Login information from where you can start setting up your e-shop.

You can contact us at: +92-313-0001314 or write an e-mail to us at: along with following details:

  1. Type of products you are selling
  2. Your Business Point e-shop name
  3. Your contact information e.g. Name, E-mail, Mobile, City, Physical Shop Address (if any), Bank Account Title, Bank Account Number & Branch Code.

Note: As of now we are opening seller’s account for sellers based in Karachi only.

You can simply recover your password from Lost Password page or by visiting Business Point Login page. You will find Lost your password? text below business point login form.

Product Catalog Listing & Management

Indexing products at is 100% Free of charge.

There is no limit. You can index as many products as you want but, each product will have to pass quality check before getting indexed at

You may need to sign up for our Business Point Seller account, once signed up we will provide you complete guide on how to upload and manager your products catalog.

Product having to the point information with it works well. Try to provide relevant Product Title, Clean product images preferably in white background, Key Features to which describes product best in few pointers and Long description.

All “How to” content related to Business Point is available at: Business Point Learning Center.

We’ve formed simple formula for Product Pricing. It is highly recommended to follow this formula to avoid any Financial Loss at your end:

Sale Price = Actual Price + Your Income + Category Commission


Sale Price = calculated price of product using above formula.

Actual Price = Your purchase price for that particular product.

Your Income = Your revenue

Category Commission = Our commission for selected category (this can be found after logging in to business point)

Try to choose relevant category for your product we may reject or not approve in case of wrong category.

Brands and Category management is something kept in our hand to avoid duplication and confusions for our members and customers. If you want to associate your product brand which is not exists in our database simply write and e-mail with subject “Brand Request” and send it to our marketing department:

We will add it as early as we can and send you the acknowledgement.

Order(s) Management

Order’s management will be done by as per current policy & agreement but we reserve all the rights to change it any time without any prior notice to our vendors.

Upon receiving order we will notify you via e-mail or whatsapp or call to arrange item and we will arrange pickup matter for that item.

Pickup will be arranged for items that can be keep on Bike. Large items e.g. Fridge, Deep Freezers, TVs or LEDs needs to be deliver by vendor.

Vendor Termination Policy

We at takes our brand image very seriously. In case of 2% return item regardless of reason we take no time to shutdown seller’s e-shop permanently.

If we will find any kind of violation whether it is related to products data, vendor behaviour with our internal team or our customer or any other policy violation we will permenately banned your seller account and hold your funds in case of any loss.

If any of the defective/malfunction item dispatched from seller and failed to pass quality check at our processing center will be returned and penalty 5% penalty will be charged against it.

We highly recommend to do your quality check and try to provide best quality item. This kind of return may result account suspension.

Comissions & Payments

You can find our Category wise commission tariff at your Business Point Dashboard.

Your payment will be issued via bank transfer into your bank account taken from you during account opening process.

We usually make payments to our vendors based on order successfully delivered to our customers between 10 to 15 every month. In case order is returned from previous cycle cost will be adjusted into next payment cycle.